Integrate your campaigns in seconds and automate your ads with our accurate AI models to scale your growth, rapidly!

Use our AI to surpass your performance goals



Avg reduction in CAC

Reduce ad waste and focus on high-performing audience with our AI. Our models identify inefficiencies, slashing your customer acquisition costs by an average of 25%.



Higher CVR

Target the right audience with laser precision. Our AI algorithms uncover your ideal customer profiles, allowing you to serve hyper-relevant ads that resonate and convert 35% more often.



Increase in ROAS

We continuously fine-tune your campaigns across platforms, driving a significant 41% increase in your overall marketing ROI.

Our Products

Your Ad Account +  Our 121 foundational AI models = Scalable And Efficient Optimization


Optimize for Maximum ROI

Our foundational AI model analyzes campaign data in real-time, automatically adjusting budgets and bids across platforms for maximum return on ad spend (ROAS). Expect significant reductions in customer acquisition costs.



Reach the Perfect Audience

Leverage advanced neural networks and massive datasets to build highly relevant audience cohorts. Target the right customers with laser precision, leading to significantly higher conversion rates compared to traditional methods.


Influencer AI (Coming Soon)

Identify the perfect influencer using data

Our AI, can analyse vast amounts of data from social media platforms, including engagement metrics, audience demographics, and content themes, to identify the most relevant and influential individuals for a brand's target audience.

why choose adden?

Looking for Next-Level Marketing Results? Here's Why Wins


Increased Campaign Efficiency

Our AI optimizes budget allocation across platforms, ensuring you spend less and achieve more.


Improved Reporting
and Insights

Our AI provides comprehensive reporting and insights, empowering you to make data- driven decisions for better performance.


Reduced Manual Work

By automating tedious tasks, our AI frees you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth


Always-On Optimization

Our AI works tirelessly, continuously optimizing your campaigns for peak performance, day and night


Customizable Solutions

Our AI platform can be customized to fit your specific marketing goals and objectives.


Reduced Risk and Uncertainty

Our AI minimizes guesswork and maximizes results by relying on data-driven insights.

See What Our Dear users Say

"Adden's AI marketing platform has been a true game-changer for Wodarmour.  We've experienced a dramatic improvement in reaching our target audience and efficiently converting leads into sales."

Ankit Grover

CO founder, Wodarmour

"Since adopting Adden AI for our performance marketing, we've seen a 26% increase in Facebook ROAS. This switch from traditional methods and other tools has significantly boosted our advertising efficiency and effectiveness."

David Dayan

CEO, Beaute Luxe

“Addens’ Smart Audience AI has refined our lead generation strategy, resulting in an 18% increase in quality leads. We’re excited to explore more of AI systems.”

Vipul Suri

Director, Luxury Aromatics & Essentiol Oils

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