See How

AI Optimizes

Your Campaigns

Our state-of-the-art AI models, trained on billions of data points, analyze your campaign data, account for competing ad objects and historical patterns, and yield comprehensive performance scores to optimize budget allocation and continuously improve over time.

A short call to understand your challenges and make sure there is a fit.

Once the contract is signed, our experts will work with you to create a strategy based on your goals.

Historical data is analyzed, the strategy is ready, and pilot is about to be launched

Target KPIs are reached. First A/B tests are performed. All brands launched and info exchange process established

Positive ROI achieved. Performance strategy updated based on your insights and goals.

AI At Work

Day 1 - 5

Learning Phase

The system recommends the best fit AI model for campaign optimization

Day 6-12

Recommendation Phase

The AI model starts recommending optimization actions with the confidence score

6-8 weeks

Action Phase

AI begins executing recommended action with the highest confidence scores

Seamless Integration: Unleash AI Marketing Power Instantly

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At, we understand the importance of seamless integration for brands to leverage and scale our AI solutions effectively. That's why we have developed a codeless integration process that allows you to connect our AI systems across all platforms in just seconds.

With, you can effortlessly integrate our Performance AI, Targeting AI, and Influencer AI solutions, empowering your brand to unlock the full potential of AI-powered performance marketing without any technical barriers.

Uncompromising Security. Optimized
Performance. Your Data, Protected.

At, we prioritize both cutting-edge performance and data security. Here's how we ensure your valuable client information remains completely safe:

Secure Storage

Client data is housed securely and independently on Google Cloud Storage Services, utilizing their industry-leading security protocols.

Individual Model Training

Each client benefits from a unique, custom-trained AI model, meaning your data stays isolated and never interacts with information from other users.

Granular Access Controls

Only authorized personnel have access to view data, models, predictions, or actions taken, ensuring complete control over your information.

Compliance & Transparency

We prioritize data security with industry-leading compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA) and a transparent Data Privacy Policy.

Regular Audits

Our security measures are continuously evaluated through regular audits by independent third-party security firms.

User Control

You have the option to request data deletion or access to your information upon request.

See What Our Dear users Say

"Adden's AI marketing platform has been a true game-changer for Wodarmour.  We've experienced a dramatic improvement in reaching our target audience and efficiently converting leads into sales."

Ankit Grover

CO founder, Wodarmour

"Since adopting Adden AI for our performance marketing, we've seen a 26% increase in Facebook ROAS. This switch from traditional methods and other tools has significantly boosted our advertising efficiency and effectiveness."

David Dayan

CEO, Beaute Luxe

“Addens’ Smart Audience AI has refined our lead generation strategy, resulting in an 18% increase in quality leads. We’re excited to explore more of AI systems.”

Vipul Suri

Director, Luxury Aromatics & Essentiol Oils