Reach Your

Ideal Audience

with Precision


Introducing's Smart Campaign AI - the revolutionary solution that empowers brands to precisely identify, grow, and convert their ideal audiences across all channels. Leveraging cutting-edge neural networks and massive datasets, our Smart Campaign AI builds highly relevant audience cohorts tailored to your brand, resulting in a remarkable 30% higher conversion rate compared to traditional targeting methods.

Uncover Hidden Audience Insights

Our deep neural networks, trained on massive datasets, analyze user behavior and demographics to uncover hidden insights about your ideal customer. It uniquely integrates data from your website, competitors, and product context, enabling the creation of laser-focused marketing campaigns. This achieves unparalleled accuracy in identifying and captivating your key prospects.

Evolve with Consumer Trends

Smart Audience AI is a continual learning system that adapts to changing consumer behaviour. This ensures your audience targeting strategies stay relevant and effective, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Boost Conversions with Relevance

Smart Audience AI significantly enhances engagement by serving highly relevant content to the right audience. This translates to dramatically higher conversion rates and maximises the impact of your marketing spend.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Impact

Smart Audience AI seamlessly integrates with our Campaign AI and Influencer AI solutions. This creates a comprehensive AI-powered ecosystem that optimises every facet of your campaigns, from targeting to content creation and budget allocation.

See What Our Dear users Say

"Adden's AI marketing platform has been a true game-changer for Wodarmour.  We've experienced a dramatic improvement in reaching our target audience and efficiently converting leads into sales."

Ankit Grover

CO founder, Wodarmour

"Since adopting Adden AI for our performance marketing, we've seen a 26% increase in Facebook ROAS. This switch from traditional methods and other tools has significantly boosted our advertising efficiency and effectiveness."

David Dayan

CEO, Beaute Luxe

“Addens’ Smart Audience AI has refined our lead generation strategy, resulting in an 18% increase in quality leads. We’re excited to explore more of AI systems.”

Vipul Suri

Director, Luxury Aromatics & Essentiol Oils